Marriage Encounter

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More than a dozen couples currently participate in First Presbyterian Church's monthly Marriage Encounter group.  In 1976 the first three couples attended a national Marriage Encounter Weekend and the local membership has grown from that dedicated base.

The principle of Marriage Encounter is that in faith greater communication builds stronger marriages.  Couples learn, at a Marriage Encounter weekend, the techniques for increasing communication.  Since the very first couples were encountered, couples from FPC have met monthly, usually in the homes of member couples, for conversation and good food.  It's a formula that has worked well.

Although some early members have moved away or passed on, there has been a ready supply of couples who have heard about Marriage Encounter and have joined the group every year.  In addition, all couples who are married at FPC receive a wedding gift of a one year subscription to the Marriage Encounter magazine, compliments of the group.

Those interested in learning more about FPC's Marriage Encounter group should contact the church office at (231) 759-1275 or by email at



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